Socio-Professional Balance

A study of the instrument a socio-professional balance

On behalf of VVSG, it is investigated to what extent the activation instrument SPB, which is used within a number of PCSWs, is language sensitive and can be linked to theoretical and empirical research insights. A reflection instrument was developed for PCSWs and was tested in a pilot phase. The study focused on tensions in local activation policy and the use of instruments.

Duration: 2009-2010

Researchers: Hans Grymonprez, An Krols, Dries Claessens, Britt Dehertogh, Hilde Maelstaf


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Reference: Grymonprez, H., Krols, A., Claessens, D., Dehertogh, B. & Maelstaf, H. (2010). De socio-professionele balans vanuit een ontgrenzende benadering. Antwerpen: Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen.