About Isos

Isos is a multidisciplinary knowledge centre that researches social and pedagogical issues and supports practices. We carry out research and (developmental) projects and provide coaching and consultancy from the department of Health and Welfare of Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerp. The knowledge centre builds bridges between practice-based research, education and the work field of social work, social pedagogy and applied psychology. A strong participatory approach is central in what we do.

Isos is a collaboration between the study fields of Social Pedagogy, Social Work, Applied Psychology and the Banaba Autism Education. Since January 2017 we work together on multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research projects, practice projects and coaching and consultancy for the broad work field. The knowledge centre has experience in various research and coaching methods, in which a participatory and respectful approach are paramount. We enjoy working together with students and practice on reflection and change.

For further information, please contact us: info@kenniscentrumisos.be Email

30/05/2017 12:08

Welcome Isos

On September 8th, the new knowledge center and website were presented to our colleagues of Social Work, Social Pedagogy, Applied Psychology and Banaba Autism Education

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