Promotion of Healthy Sexual Development of Children

This Erasmus+ research projects aims to help (future) social work professionals to gain competences on guiding young people’s healthy sexual development and discussing sexual behaviour with children, young people, their (foster) parents and other professionals. Competence has to do with knowledge, attitude, skills, personal characteristics and talent. So building competences on guiding young people’s sexual development has to do with the whole spectrum.

The research consists of three phases:

Which tools that support sexual development are publicly available? What is the focus of these tools?
To answer this research question the universities conduct a study in which publicly available training programs, guidelines, tools and studies are collected and described looking for

  1. evidence based information,
  2. core competences and behavioural characteristics,
  3. commonly experienced dilemma’s and
  4. diversity issues. This results in a report in English / the local language.

What are the dilemma’s and needs of the professionals?
In each of the three countries (2) focus groups will be conducted with professionals of the field partners on commonly experienced dilemma’s on diversity issues, needs, case examples and competences. Also (2) focus groups will be organized with professionals working in other organisations in each country. Finally, interviews with (2 à 3) national experts on the subject will be conducted. This results in a report in English /local language which is discussed in the local feedback group.

The results of het first two phases will be implemented and investigated in test projects. It will be tested if learning processes are initiated and competencies are strengthened. In addition small research projects are conducted by students (thesis, research assignment). Students in the three universities will work in mixed international groups on the same assignments, supported by online tools.

Looptijd: 2015-2018

Projectmedewerkers: Gwendy Moentjes, Mieke Verbeek, Wim Van Tongel, Els Pazmany