Building Bridges

This research project is in line with the objective of the Flemish youth policy aimed at maximizing the participation and equal opportunities of all children and young people to participate in youth work, regardless of their background, home situation, gender or disability.

The aim of the study is to map the process and effects of 12 projects that want to create more accessible and divers youth work reflecting diversity in society, and to identify bottlenecks and success factors.

The research is a combination of guidance and evaluation/impact assessment. Because of the interdependence of the two functions a participatory approach of coaching and evaluation research is chosen from the start of the project, closely related to action research. The aim of the guidance is to direct the selected projects towards effective, targeted, creative, innovative, sustainable cooperation between the organizations and/or youngsters with eye for the local (policy) context.

During the investigation four research methods will be combined:
– Logbook method
– Interviews and discussion groups
– Observations
– Peer review

Duration: September 2017 – January 2019

Researchers: Nathalie Van Ceulebroeck (promotor), Liese Berkvens