Active Knowledge

Can action research in an updated form regain its relevance to social work? Can we make the transfer from other agogic disciplines to social work?

In this practice-based research we looked for old and new insights. We linked a refinement and transfer of the method to social work to its conceptual foundation. The research was conducted in parallel with ongoing (international) projects in which action research was central. We came up with a qualitative path of a technical-operational framework for action research and participatory research, with an eye for the community-reinforcing and emancipating impact this type of research can have.

The project resulted in a guide for action research and broader participatory research in social work, a training module and an international event.

Duration: 2012-2015

Researchers: Michel Tirions, Hilde Maelstaf, Ingeborg Hillaert


Reference: Maelstaf H., Hillaert, I en Tirions M. (2014). Time for Action … Research. A Guide on AR. Antwerp: ETFU / Artesis Hogeschool.