Empowering the Future – Youth, Arts & Media

‘Empowering the Future – Youth, Arts & Media’ is a Transfer of Innovation project run by nine organizations cooperating in local workfield–academic partnerships in four European cities. Introducing strength-based perspectives, we developed instruments to empower youths through arts and social media. We promote applicable methods of action research as medium for planning, action and evaluation and we present hands-on tools to work with young people in a way they gain control over their ideas, ambitions and resources.
The project is built around a specific interpretation of action research (AR) with a focus on reflection, participation and change.

Looptijd: 2011-2014

Onderzoekers: Michel Tirions & Lies Ferny


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Referentie: Pennings H. & Tirions, M. (2016). Empowering the Future: Urban Culture and Youth. Antwerp: AP Hogeschool.