Child-friendly cities

Current developments challenge the pursuit of child-friendly cities and municipalities. For these reasons, there is a need to update and deepen the vision on child-friendly cities and municipalities and, based on this, to develop tools that support the realisation of child-friendly cities and municipalities.

The assignment pursues the following objectives:
1.    The development of a vision text that outlines a substantiated picture of what a child-friendly city or municipality in Flanders means in 2018.
2.    The development of a framework that offers tools to evaluate whether a city or municipality can be considered child and youth-friendly or not.

Duration: 2018

Researchers: Nathalie Van Ceulebroeck en Liese Berkvens


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Reference: Van Ceulebroeck, N., Reynaert, D. & Berkvens, L. (2018). Inspiratiekader voor een kindvriendelijke stad of gemeente. Brussel, Departement CJM.