A Way Home

The Social Work and Social Educational Care Work programs are partners in the European project A Way Home, which aims to improve the transition of young people from a form of youth care (residential or non-residential provision or foster care) to society.

The project looks for ways to better prepare for the transition and to combat homelessness. AP is responsible for the development of a protocol for facilities, in which attention is paid to vision, legal framework, step-by-step approach and methodology. AP is also developing a toolbox with examples of after-care methods and a train-the-trainer package to implement the protocol and toolbox.

Partners are: Flemish Youth Welfare Agency, Feantsa, Carinthian Government, ENSA and Cachet.

Duration: 2017-2020

Developers: Britt Dehertogh, Beno Schraepen, Gwendy Moentjens, Liese Berkvens, Wim Van Tongel