Enhancing the educational and social efficiency of the transition between primary and secondary education: innovations for the field

Transbaso is an interuniversity SBO research project. The aim of this project is to investigate the processes of school and study choice in the transition from primary to secondary education in Antwerp and Ghent. In addition, tools will be developed to facilitate this transition and the effectiveness of these tools will be investigated. Research has shown that processes of choice of school and study in the transition from primary to secondary education in Flanders are partly socially determined (Boone & Van Houtte, 2010).

However, this research does not allow us to make statements about pupils of non-Western European origin. This group deserves special attention as it has been shown that these pupils have a greater chance of leaving secondary education without qualification. This is why this project focuses specifically on Antwerp and Ghent, both characterized by a very diverse student population. The research is conducted in two phases in 18 Antwerp and 18 Ghent primary schools.

First, a baseline measurement takes place in which school and study choices are examined. Teachers, managers, 5th grade pupils and their parents are questioned. An effectiveness study is then carried out. We distinguish 3 groups of schools: group 1: developed (valorization) tools are implemented with coaching, group 2: developed (valorization) tools are applied without coaching and group 3: no tools. The effectiveness study follows 3 cohorts of pupils, each with a pretest in grade 6 of primary education (September) and a posttest after the first semester of the first year of secondary school. In addition, a qualitative process evaluation of the implementation of the tools takes place.

Duration: 2014-2017

Researchers: Britt Dehertogh & Nathalie Van Ceulebroeck
External partners: Piet Van Avermaet (Ugent), Mieke Van Houtte (Ugent), Dimokritos Kavadias (VUB), Paul Mahieu (UA), Christian Van Kerckhove (Hogent)


Reference book (Dutch): Goosen, K., Boone, S., Dehertogh, B., Kavadias, D., Mahieu, P., Van Avermaet, P., Vanhoof, J., Van Houtte, M. & Van Kerckhove, C. (2017), Is dat iets voor mij, juf? Leerlingen versterken in het keuzeproces van basis naar secundair. Leuven: LannooCampus.


Research results and for professionals (Dutch): From primary to secundary school

For pupils and parents (Dutch): From primary to secundary school. How do I make a good choice?