Fruits of experimental gardens in youth work with vulnerable youth

This is an evaluation study of experimental projects for disadvantaged groups, in which eleven subsidised projects were questioned and additions were made from policy documents (period 2009-2011). The study dealt with an evaluation of the projects in themselves and an evaluation of the policy instrument ‘experimental project’. Voices of the coordinating team, field workers and some participants were gathered (intended and unintended effects).

Duration: 2011

Researchers: Britt Dehertogh, Hilde Maelstaf, Ingeborg Hillaert


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Reference: Hillaert, I., Dehertogh, B. & Maelstaf, H. (2011). Vruchten van proeftuinen: beleidsmatige evaluatie van proeftuinen en het instrument proeftuinen. Een evaluatieonderzoek naar proeftuinen voor Kansengroepen. Antwerpen: Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen.