Enthousiasm in Social Care in the Flanders (BOS)

This study focuses on the engagement of social care workers and their first line managers in residential care for people with challenging behaviour. These are employees in residential youth care and care for the disabled, who come into contact with clients who demonstrate challenging behaviour in a structural and intentional manner within this context. This study examines whether there is a connection between characteristics of these employees and organizational characteristics (work situation) on the one hand, and the degree of engagement on the other hand. We focus on the influence of engaged “first line managers” in studying which work resources have a consolidating/enhancing influence on the engaged work of their employees/social care workers.

Duration: 2012-2015

Researchers: Wim Stinkens, Anki Van Heden


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Reference: Stinkens, W. & Van Heden, A. (2016). Bevlogen blijven in het orthopedagogisch werkveld. Hoe geef je vleugels aan je medewerkers? Antwerpen: AP Hogeschool Antwerpen

Article Bevlogenheid in de social profit (Oct-Nov 2013)
Reference: Severens, E., Stinkens, W. & Van Heden, A. (2013). Bevlogenheid in de social profit. Onderzoek naar de invloed van de eerstelijns-leidinggevende. Tijdschrift voor Welzijnswerk, 37 (335), p.28-34.

Article Bevlogenheid van begeleiders in de orthopedagogische sector (2015)
Reference: Stinkens, W. & Van Heden, A. (2015). Bevlogenheid van begeleiders in de orthopedagogische sector. De wind in de vleugels door direct leidinggevenden die goed kunnen vliegen. Vlaams tijdschrift voor Orthopedagogiek, 34 (2), p.3-12.