Wim Stinkens

Wim Stinkens (born 1958) is attached to the Health and Welfare department as a lecturer, researcher and head of education (Banaba Autism Spectrum Disorders) at Artesis Plantijn University College in Antwerp. In 1981 he graduated as a bachelor in Social Educational Care Work. He holds a Master Special Educational Needs degree at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Tilburg (2010) and completed the postgraduate course ‘Social Profit and Public Management’ at Ghent University (2017).

He is involved in Practice-oriented Scientific Research (PWO) within the following themes:

  • support needs of normal and gifted adults with an autism spectrum disorder;
  • the influence of front-line managers on the engagement of counselors in Social Educational Care Work;
  • the influence of the organizational climate on the workability and quality of assistance within the new care framework.
Contact: wim.stinkens@ap.be Email