Britt Dehertogh

Britt Dehertogh (°1978) is research coordinator and lecturer at the bachelor program Social Work (AP University College Antwerp). She is a core member of and takes the strain in the iSOS knowledge center, an interdisciplinary knowledge center of the Department of Health and Welfare. As a coordinator, she is the supervisor of several policy-oriented assignment research projects and is involved in several multidisciplinary Project-based Scientific Research (PWO) projects. Her research interests are youth and educational research, the flanking of education through social work and participatory research methods. Together with the team, she works on strengthening social work practices through research and social services.

In the study program she is responsible for policy support in the field of quality assurance and curriculum development, for the learning line of research, guidance of bachelor thesis and jury chairmanship.
In the past, she worked as an assistant in research methods at the University of Antwerp, where she co-authored a series on statistics and taught qualitative research. She has experience with large quantitative data collections, as well as with qualitative narrative methods with various target groups. She is a member of the Advisory Committee on socio-cultural adult work of the Flemish government and of the research platform social work in Antwerp (platform UA-KdG-AP).

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