Hans Grymonprez

Hans Grymonprez (°1969) is social worker and Master of Science in Social Work and Social Welfare studies. He is also working on a PhD (Ghent University, Department of Social Agogy) with the title: ‘Outreach social work as a practice of access awareness’.

His field of research encompasses the broad domain of social agogic work, with special attention to social work, first-line assistance and discussions about socialization and accessibility. Hans is a member of the core editors of the ‘Cahier Integrale Jeugdhulp’ (Politeia) and a member of the board of directors of the outreach work in the province of Antwerp.

In the Bachelor of Social Work program he teaches Introduction in Social Work, Theory of Social Work and Capita Selecta in the general program. In the social work graduation program, he is responsible for the’ outreach work’ elective module.

Contact: hans.grymonprez@ap.be Email