Greet Demesmaeker

Degrees: Bachelor Social Educational Care Work (1987), Master Special Educational Needs (2014).

After 21 years as a social and educational care worker (both in the sector for people with disabilities, as in youth care and as coordinator of a day centre, aimed at supporting people with non-born brain damage) Demesmaeker has been working as a lecturer within the Bachelor Social Ecucational Care Work program at the AP University College in Antwerp since 2008. She teaches and coordinates the option Community Care, coordinates the graduation projects and is an active member of policy support initiatives. She also gives workshops on network development and community building.

In the academic year 2017-2018 she worked as a researcher on the impact of changed regulations and social trends on the role, function and expectations of the work field with regard to the social worker in the socio-educational work field.

From 2018 to 2020 she works on the research project: ‘exploring the expectations, needs and motivations of people within the network who take on a secondary role and facilitating resilient networks among adults living at home with a non-born brain injury in Flanders’.

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